Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of the Week | Jan 22-29

In this edition of Shreet Cocktail, we feature new tracks by the likes of Dina El Wedidi, Afroto and Fulana.

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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of the Week | Jan 22-29

This week’s edition of Shreet Cocktail presents some of the freshest releases from the MENA region, including new tracks by Egyptian artists Dina El Wedidi and Afroto, as well as Saudi producer Fulana.

Dina El Wedidi’s new track ‘Bandahlak’ gives us a sneak peek at her upcoming album ‘Benna’. The artist took command of the track's music production, intricately blending Bedouin rhythms and melodies with electronic elements. Dina showcases an evolution of her sound while steadfastly preserving her authentic musical identity through her distinct vocal style and rhythmic pronunciation.

Alexandrian rapper Afroto veers away from traditional rap and embraces a more R&B style in his latest track, ‘Wo3od', produced by Moaz Hamed. Known for his distinctive voice, the rapper had previously showcased his singing ability in tracks like 'Segara', which he shows off even more in his latest release. The beat kicks off with simple piano and guitar chords, complemented by a melancholic violin sound, as Afroto sings about false promises.

Further along the playlist, Fulana, the talented Saudi electronic producer and singer, unveils her latest creation, 'Ya Thalam Ya Kabes' as a captivating addition to NoiseRecords' inaugural album, 'Manshaa'. Here, Fulana showcases her exceptional skill in crafting an upbeat, deep house track with her sweet vocals, infused with raw emotion.



  • Juno - Starburst
  • -
  • Yunis - 
  • Yesterday i Spent the Night in a Blue Temple

  • Leil - Wele ft. Kidda
  • Tamara Qaddoumi - Over Fire

  • Fulana - Ya Thalam Ya Kabes
  • Talia Lahoud - El Khayar El Tani

  • Uglymoss - EL SARA7A
  • Khalil - Qiyam

Listen to the full playlist here: