Monday July 15th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Sep Oct 02 - 09

This week’s playlist brings you a genre-bending selection featuring artists like Shkoon, Hala, and Double Zuksh.

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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Sep Oct 02 - 09

On this edition of Shreet Cocktail, our playlist features the latest releases from regional trail blazers like Syrian-German electronic duo Shkoon, whose latest track ‘Roots’ overlays a pensive vocal performance on top of hypnotic synth arpeggios, leading us into the track’s second section where we hear sombre oud melodies performed over a laid-back electronic beat.

We also hear from Egyptian artist Hala, who showcases her melodic flows on a fast-paced Jersey club beat on ‘Tool El Leil’, taking us through a fictionalised version of the local club scene presented in the track’s 3D animated visualiser.

Meanwhile, pioneering Egyptian duo Double Zuksh releases their latest track ‘ARRB’, in which they explore a colourful upbeat pop sound, making use of infectious rhythms and catchy vocal melodies delivered with their signature electrifying energy.

Bahraini alt-rock group Hotboxgroove also make this week’s selection with their latest release ‘Gutbucket’, which starts off with dreamy guitar chords and gentle instrumentation, and gradually ramps up in intensity until we are met with a prog-rock guitar section in the latter half of the track.


  • Shkoon - Roots
  • Bilal Shabib - Watanak
  • Double Zuksh - Arrb (Prod. Double Zuksh X Elkvp)
  • Hala - Tool El Leil
  • Hotboxgroove - Gutbucket
  • Teen Idle - Dance Inc.
  • Hana Ghoneim X Maher El Mallakh - La2etak
  • Jones The Ikomboy - Somebody
  • Omizs - D.a.r
  • Youmna Saba - Tareeq
  • Djunkie - Haramt

Listen to the full playlist here: