Friday June 14th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Sep 05 - 11

This week’s playlist brings you a genre-bending selection featuring artists like Maurice Loca, Intibint and El Mokh.

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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | Sep 05 - 11

This week on Shreet Cocktail, we bring you our favourite releases from around the MENA region, featuring tracks like Egyptian experimentalist Maurice Louca’s latest collaboration with Jazz ensemble Elephantine, ‘Achilles Heel’, which takes listeners on an expansive 12-minute composition led by a raw and cathartic trumpet performance.

UK-Yemeni artist Intibint also makes an appearance on the playlist with her latest track ‘Sunflower’ featuring Ekin Oykener, where she layers her distant and heavily processed vocals over a bittersweet oud melody and a bedroom-pop inspired instrumental.

From MDLBEAST’s Electrordon, Lebanese producer Nick Dagher and Jordanian singer Muayad El-Hilow’s ‘Wein’ combines deep and rich electronic production with a traditional mawwal singing style. Meanwhile, bringing a hint of dance pop into the playlist, Egyptian singer and actress Nada Nader makes her debut with the track ‘Mascara’, in which she explores evolving flows and instrumental ideas in the colourful release.


  • Nick Dagher X Muayad El-hilow - Wein
  • Nada Nader - Mascara
  • Intibint Ft. Ekin Oykener - Sunflower
  • Karim Mohsen Feat Azwed - Habiba
  • El Mokh - El Magzar
  • Maurice Louca - Trembler
  • Nesa Azadikhah - Exhaustion
  • Jobb3000 X K.le11 - Black Gelato
  • Hady Moamer Ft. El Agouz - Zekrayat
  • Zef - Awel Kemli
  • Sulisizer X Helal X Venom - Khadm
  • Hiya - Banadi
  • El Sawareekh Ft. Double Zuksh - Meen Bs Kan Ysdaa

Listen to the full playlist here: