Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | June 24 - 30

This week’s selection brings you a diverse list of tracks from artists such as Yaseen, Narcy, Artistbasm, and Sulisizer.

Scene Noise

Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | June 24 - 30

On this week’s Shreet Cocktail, SceneNoise brings you a selection ranging from electro-shaabi to Levantine pop with artists such as Yaseen & Dakn, 3ab3az, Narcy, Mayssa Karaa, and Sulisizer dropping all dropping high-energy bangers.

We also heard the latest release from Jordanian Various Artist album ‘Electrordon’, as seasoned producer The Archiducer teamed up with Al Wesam on ‘Ya 3ama’. Meanwhile, Egyptian producer Mohaimen released his latest laid-back and meditative track ‘Portal’, while Artistbasm’s ‘For Fun_8’ added a touch of care-free bedroom pop to the selection.


  • Artistbasm - For Fun_8
  • 3ab3az - Kash7o
  • Narcy & Sandhill - Iraq Forever
  • Mohaimen - Portal
  • The Archiducer X Al Wesam - Ya 3ama
  • Sulisizer - Raid
  • Mayssa Karaa - Netla'a Bi Beirut
  • Yaseen Ft Dakn - يس (Y.s) Riddim
  • يا مية العطشان يا ست - Molotof
  • Hakim - Habaibna
  • Fishawy - Sorry Mama
  • Siilawy - Yama

Listen to the full playlist here: