Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Shreet Cocktail - Releases of The Week | July 01 - July 08

This week’s selection brings you a diverse list of tracks from the likes of Dirty Backseat, Nour Khan, Shunus, and Dana Hourani.

Scene Noise

This week on Shreet Cocktail, we bring you some easy-going mid-summer vibes on our playlist, featuring some of Dirty Backseat’s characteristic synth pop grooves, Zone+ & Birdperson’s latest party-starter, as well as Dana Hourany’s fresh and breezy afrobeats-inspired single.

We also heard from left-field Cairo-based collective MSHTRQ’s Postdrone as part of the collective’s latest body of work, VA01 - MOSHKILA. Other entries include Nour Khan’s soulful release ‘Shuaa El Nour’, and Aqaba-based producer Abed’s ‘2001’, which blends early 2000’s pop vibes with his retro production aesthetic.


  • Dirty Backseat - Raye7 Fein
  • Dana Hourani - Inshallah Kheir
  • Shunus - Born In 1992
  • Postdrone - Yaa
  • Zone+ & Biirdperson - Vangas
  • Abed - 2001
  • Nour Khan -  Shuaa El Nour
  • Mohamed Yehia Ft. Hassan Abouelrouss - Luisa Diego - Otta Seyamo
  • Zaid Kreshan - El Awham
  • Ahmed Saad - Ekhtayaraty
  • Moh Flow - Show Me