Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - Feb 28 - March 12

Street Cocktail playlist returns featuring some of the biggest releases across the MENA, featuring Emel, Lella Fadda and Aziz Maraka among others.

Scene Noise

Shreet Cocktail - Feb 28 - March 12

This installment of our Shreet Cocktail features a curated playlist by the SceneNoise team, highlighting the best releases from the past two weeks. Indie takes center stage this time, with tracks from Artistbasm and Aziz Maraka. Additionally, the playlist boasts an instrumental trap LP by renowned producer Mohaimen, alongside more electronic offerings from DJUDJU and the collaborative effort of Hot Oasis & Yazan.

A standout selection is the latest track ‘Fire’ by acclaimed Tunisian songwriter and vocalist Emel Mathouthi. Here, Emel ventures beyond her usual style, embracing an experimental approach to vocals and sound in collaboration with Malian rapper Ami Yerewolo. This track follows her recent single featuring Iraqi rapper Nayomi, suggesting a bold new direction for Emel's upcoming album.

The playlist also features a powerful collaboration between rapper Zap Tharwat, Aziz Maraka, and Maher Malakh. Their combined talents shed light on the current state of the Arab world and the injustices they witness. The track delivers a sincere and heartfelt commentary on these issues. Moving forward in the playlist, we encounter Lella Fadda's second single from her upcoming album ‘Magnun’. This track follows its predecessor, ‘Fokak Meni’, with both produced by Abyusif.  Lella delivers lyrics about a broken affair over Abyusif's signature production style.

This recent collaboration between Abyusif and Lella represents one of the most refreshing takes on Arabic pop in recent memory. EMBED


Zap Tharwat Ft. Aziz Maraka & MMaher El Mallakh - Ya Zaman

Wolf Fang Midi - Lips Are Red

Lella Fadda - MSH 3AYZAK

EMEL Ft. Ami Yerewolo - Fire

artistbasm - in the name of fun (commitment.)

Mohaimen - A Way Out

Nouri - Change Your Name

Amid Khattar - Preach

Martina - I am NOT talking about love

Aley Baracat - Silently Watching

DJUDJU - Stamba

Taxi 404 - Goodbye Février


Alek Shway - Hot Oasis & Yazan

Listen to the full playlist: