Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Shreet Cocktail - 1-15 April

In this edition of our Shreet Cocktail playlist we highlight the best releases across the MENA region in the past two weeks.

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Shreet Cocktail - 1-15 April

Street Cocktail is back to showcase the best releases we've seen across the Middle East and North Africa in the past couple of weeks. 

We're starting the tracklist with the title track from Elyanna's debut record, "Woledto." This song musically and lyrically encapsulates the entire album's narrative. The music, produced by renowned Lebanese producer Massari, is heavily oriental with Eastern influences evident in the melodies, composition, and musical direction. Elyanna sings her lyrics in a statement-like manner, chanting "Woledto" (I am born), setting the tone and overarching theme of the record. Next on the playlist is a busting shaabi track, "Sonna3 El Ganna," by Molotof featuring Shobra El General.

Molotof delivers his signature production style, a blend of trap sonic elements and overdriven synth melodies, coupled with his distinct drum sounds. Further along the playlist, we find Saint Levant with his latest single, "5 AM in Paris." This multilingual introspective track features the Palestinian artist reflecting on his life in both French and Arabic, a style he has adopted since his artistic breakthrough


Elyanna - Woledto

Saint Levant - 5am in Paris

Monika - Shaary Ahmar

Odqin ft. Earlobe - Superbloom

Rotana - Us

Molotof x Shobra ElGeneral - Sonna3 El Gannah


Idriss D - Tsakhbira