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Sham-e-Ali Nayeem Turns to Her ‘Book of Pearls’ for New Track ‘Ledger’

The Muslim-American social justice advocate has dipped her toes into the waters of music again, taking a poem for her 2019 book and creating an immersive audio experience.

When she’s not fighting the good fight as a social justice lawyer, Sham-e-Ali Nayeem channels her energy into poetry, her tender yet poignant words and stories touching people all across the world.

Among her literary accolades, she has released a book of poetry, City of Pearls, and her her work has been published in magazines and publications such as Apiary, Dusie and Mizna, as well as in anthologies such as Shattering the Stereotypes: Muslim Women Speak Out, Living Islam Out Loud: American Muslim Women Speak, and Shout Out: Women of Color Respond to Violence

In addition, Nayeem releases her poetry in the form of music, mixing a dulcet ambience with her powerful messages, many of which revolve around her experience of being an Indian Muslim woman and the struggles she faces as a Muslim WOC living in America

In her latest musical release, she has turned to 2019’s City of Pearls, taking the poem ‘Ledger’ and elevating it into an experience of word and sound. A lightly arpeggiated synth trippily pans and carries the main body of the track, with warm hi-hats and a snare gently pushing the groove of the track, with a subtle sub-bass that adds a sense of mystery to Nayeem’s profound words.