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Select 151: Mixed by K-Laff

For the latest edition of Select, Cairo’s K-Laff is in the driver's seat for a set that goes from breaks, to acid, to heavy bass, to bounce.

A rising, rampant new force on Cairo’s clubbing scene, K-Laff has slowly but surely built a reputation over the last 12 months or so for his unpredictable selections and seamless sets. A man for all occasions, the 24 year-old DJ and producer boasts an eclectic taste and is versed in everything from house to hip-hop - a variety he gives a glimpse of in the 151st edition of SceneNoise's long-running select series.

Across the one hour mix, K-Laff serves some local alongside some international, the set featuring tracks from everyone from Hassan Abou Alam, Hearthug and Moktar, to Bailey Ibbs and Azealia Banks. Buckle up and enjoy a ride that will take you from breaks, to acid, to heavy bass, to bounce.