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Select 149: Mixed by Kokla

The 149th edition of SceneNoise’s long running mix series sees rising Egyptian DJ Kokla with an hourly mix of his favorite minimal and house tunes that take a rave turn by the end.

Stepping up to the Select stage this week is 21 year-old Kokla, who has put together an eclectic mix of minimal, house and techno for the 149th edition of our set series.

Music has been a part of Kokla’s life since childhood, learning to play drums at age 8. It was five years ago, though, that he caught the electronic music buzz, when he started to learn how to mix - and the rest is history.

His entry into the Select annals is a one-hour set featuring work from the likes of T.Jacques, Harry Wills, Samuel Jabba, and many more. Enjoy.