Monday October 2nd, 2023
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Saint Levant and Bayou Showcase a North African Narrative In 'Maghreb'

The Palestinian and Egyptian artists hit the studio once again for a North African-inspired banger.

Ahmed Khalaf

Seems like Palestinian artist Saint Levant and Egypt’s Bayou have been stashed in the studio for a while now. They’ve just come out with their second release together in under a month, along with a mini-documentary about Saint Levant’s first show, which they shot together as well. Their latest endeavor sees them joining forces once again to present ‘Maghreb’, an ode to North African sonics.

The single kicks off with a horn section before the introduction of the bass and percussions. The drum programming takes the shape of a funk-pop piece of production, courtesy of Henry Morris, who does a brilliant job in creating this North-African fusion. Saint Levant’s mellifluous vocals along with Bayou’s smooth rap delivery creates a balance of various dimensions, bringing both of their individual talents to the table.