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Ray Drops First Track from Upcoming Hip-Hop Album The Bartender Story

Going from one type of bar to a very different type, the album comes as a culmination of 15 years away from Ray’s real passion: rap.

A familiar face on Egypt’s party scene, Ray ‘The Bartender’ Al Rahmi, is considered the premiere mixologist and bartender in the country, and his bar (called simply ‘The Bartender’) is something of a landmark in the Red Sea town of El Gouna.

Being the best in your field isn’t easy - where do you go next? What worlds are there left to conquer? Well, Ray has left one passion dormant for far too long: music. In fact, around 15 years ago he sacrificed his dream of becoming a rapper to pursue his career in bartending. Now, however, is the time and Ray has taken his first steps towards that dream with the revelation that he’s to release an album, The Bartender Story.

For many, it’s an unexpected turn, but for those that know Ray well understand that this was only a matter of time and the first single, ‘The Truth of Life’. sets the tone for what Ray himself has touted as a ‘motivational Arabic hip-hop album’.In a sea of trap coming out of Egypt, the track is a refreshing reminder of the boom bap of yesteryear, against a simple guitar riff. Produced by DJ FATSAM and composed by Akram Al Sharif, the single sees Ray considers his life’s setbacks and complications, providing a small but insightful window on the enigmatic character. Stay tuned for more.