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Rapper KC Hamada Shoots for the Crown in First Music Video ‘King’

The Iraqi-Iranian rapper doesn't hold back in his music video for ‘King’ - the very first from him.

When it comes to rap and hip-hop, the UAE Dubai always seems to be condemned to the sidelines, while rappers in North Africa and in the Levant region, tale the spoils. With the likes of Dubai-based KC Hamada, the winds of change are coming.

The Iraqi/Iranian rapper has just released his first solo music video for his track ‘King’ - one that was, quite remarkably, shot, edited and cut in a single evening, with the help of another Dubai-based artist, Shebani, who has graced the pages of SceneNoise several times with her unique brand of R&B. Having released ‘King’ two months ago, Hamada had ample time to shoot his music video - but this boundary-pushing artist marches to the beat of his own drum.On the back of West Coast-inspired tracks like ‘You Ugly’, ‘King’ leans more towards trap, showcasing the rapper’s diversity - a diversity further showcased by a couple of Arabic lines in the middle. In contrast to the track's message, which comes off as ‘keep an eye out for the next king in the game’, the clean-cut music video is a simple combination of two shots featuring Hamada performing the track. While some might say the video is too simple, it definitely emphasises the message giving the music video a very direct, in-your-face, ‘I’m-talking-to-you’ approach.