Tuesday October 3rd, 2023
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Palestine’s Exist Announces Upcoming Festival In Athens on March 31st

The Palesitinian festival returns for the first time in Athens, outside of its usual hosting grounds of Amman, Jordan

Scene Noise

Palestine’s first festival Exist has recently announced their return, this time in Athens, on the 31st of March at PTX Athens. After their first appearance in 2019, the electrifying festival has been traditionally hosting its events in Amman, Jordan, but this time they travel abroad to the Greek capital for a newly formulated festival.

This year’s festival will see a broad diversity of DJs and producers joining forces to offer an unorthodox party experience for two days in Athens. This edition sees 00970, Arabian Panther, Asifeh, Bashar Murad, Big Murk, Carbon 96 (Ciarra Black & Zoe Mc Pherson), CCL, Choronzon, Dirar Kalash, Drew McDowall, Hecham Karshan, Hiro Kone, Jay Glass Dubs, Karl Choueiri, Morah, Naji Al Ali, Oldyungmayn, Renata, Sainte Marina, Sara Jazara, and Sarah Risheq, not to mention of course festival founders Odai Masri, Nadeem Ghareeb, and Kujo who are set to offer their precisely curated music and live performances.

The festival’s main goal is to push and shed light on the exciting names in dance and experimental music from the MENA region and beyond. It will also hold installations, screenings, and panel talks in collaboration with Athens-based Movement Radio.

For more details, visit https://ra.co/events/1512513 to book your slot now.