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One-Shot Video, One-Take Song: Lella Fadda's New Release 'Ghareeba'

The Egyptian songstress teams up with prodcuer Elian once more for an intimate but powerful number influenced by the sounds of Arabia.

There’s something about Lella Fadda - the kind of intangible magic and allure that you just can’t put your finger on. It’s not just in her music. She’s every bit as charismatic and engaging in real life - two qualities that gush out of her latest release, ‘Ghareeba’.

The song was apparently recorded in one take and the video was recorded as just one continuous shot, under the direction of Soumae. Now, you could argue that there’s not really much going on (it’s not quite as complex as THAT shot in Goodfellas), but Fadda - sitting unassumingly in front of a plain purply-blue background - is utterly arresting and you’ll do well to keep your eyes off of the vertical video.

To be fair, that’s also owed to the track itself, which sees Fadda team up with longtime friend and go-to producer, Elian. Heavily influenced by the sounds of Arabia, the track threatens to peeter at a certain type of delicacy, but grows and grows in a couthed crescendo, as Fada’s voice, too grows, with the enigmatic lyrics playing with the word ‘ghareeba’ (strange).

It’s a wonderful entry into Fada’s growing library of music, one that is showing her coming of age as an artist quite spectacularly.