Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Moroccan Rapper Issam Changes Up His Signature Sound In ‘YA HASRA'

The innovative rapper takes on popular sonics in his latest Afro-beat-inspired release.

Zaid Kreshan

Often mysterious and constantly alluring, beloved Moroccan rapper ISSAM drops his latest track, ‘YA HASRA’, where he diversifies his signature trap-inspired sound to incorporate more popular music aesthetics. This time, he ventures into the globally trending style of Afro-beat, which has also been picking up steam regionally.

ISSAM presents inventive musical ideas with each release, chiefly his 2021 album ‘CRYSTAL’. This time around, ISSAM releases his highly anticipated follow-up, which takes a different direction from his previous work by embracing orchestral elements and upbeat and danceable rhythms. Throughout his career, the artist has been highly regarded for his unique style and forward-thinking sonics, and with this release, ISSAM furthers these elements by imbuing them with popular music trends.

In the track, ISSAM takes a more vulnerable approach to his songwriting, as he tackles issues of lost love in a direct lyrical style. At the same time, the instrumental, produced by ATEPH ELIDJA, uses orchestral instrumentation and arrangement techniques, contrasted by a danceable groove that takes the track into the realm of afro-pop.

Listen to the full track here: