Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Lebanese Singer Sarah Mansour Releases Iridescent Ballad Heaven Knows

The singer has just released all-new debut single, Heaven Knows, where she sought a more playful direction prior to her first release, capitalising on themes of reminiscence, moving on and letting go.

Badreya Electroneya

Lebanese-American singer Sarah Mansour is known for her first soulful debut ‘When You Call’, a track that exudes both sensuality and serenity, and now she’s following it up with a more playful sound with her second single ‘Heaven Knows’ featuring Taxi 404’s own Aminn.

The release is the kind of  bop you’d blast in a car on a road trip with your homegirls. Yet behind the bounce, the singer capitalizes on themes of reminiscence, moving on and letting go. At the same time Mansour is also seen romanticizing what could possibly be a past lover in the chorus as she sings, “I, I, lose myself in the commotion when you hold me. There’s a world beyond the ocean of it could be, heaven knows how I let you go.”

Mansour also came out with a music video for ‘Heaven Knows’ which wholly reinforces the single's playfulness. The vibe is clearly apparent in the creative direction of the video, which gives off Y2K energy t with a side of 70s vintage. It’s basically a conjunction of Lana Del Rey and Kali Uchis.

The video starts off with Mansour grabbing her bedazzled flip phone while driving a convertible to find out she has 0 messages in her inbox. She then signals a clap to transition into the chorus, shortly after rapper Aminn is seen getting in the car to drop a fire bar in his irresistible French accent.