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Lebanese Duo Pomme Rouge Release New EP ‘Cut In Half’

The house duo’s new EP maintains the energy and crunch of their first.

Beirut house duo, Pomme Rouge, are back with a bouncy new EP, Cut in Half, a short but sweet release featuring up of two lively, playful, original, energetic house tracks and two remixes by Funkermonk and Etyen.

Conceived during their residency in Berlin’s Riverside Studio and released under Thawra Records, the new EP is a direct follow-up to their 2020 debut EP, First Bite. The Beirut-based duo--Joy Moughanni and Alex Chahine--are determined to perfect a style that features melo-tech sounds and tech-house signatures.

With a tinge of darkness expressed in the remixes, the original tracks exhibit a sense of innocence throughout, similar to the innocence of one’s early-days of French-language learning as they try to remember that ‘pomme rouge’ translates to ‘red apple’.

In a moment that club scenes re-emerge from a lengthy dormant condition, the EP’s playfulness encourages the kind of rousal needed to shake ourselves into dance.