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Kurls Revels in Summer Love & Nostalgia with ‘Dancing in the Waves’

The Lebanese DJ and producer's new release dazzles as a dreamy ode to summer love and adventure.

Lebanese musician Kurls’ latest release ‘Dancing in the Waves’ is a rich tapestry of soaring emotion, exploring the intertwinement of love and freedom, jolted by an undercurrent of adventure and a free-spirited mood.

Also known as Christelle, Kurls first emerged in 2020 in the tucked-away, groove-filled enclaves of Lebanon’s local music scene with her refreshing mix of dreamy beats and bouncy-house sound.

Her jubilant new song exudes warmth and elation with a light and playful beat composed of a harmonious melody of synthesisers, piano, bass, and vocals.

The deep and emotive vocals - delivered pristinely by Lebanese-Filipino singer, Lailana - anchor the bubbly, ethereal beats lightly, tip-toeing through the track. A contagiously feel-good sound, the daydreamy head-bopper unravels the odd bits and pieces that define Kurls’ fun and groovy air.