Monday May 29th, 2023
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Jordan's Giants of Rock Autostrad Condemn Internalisation in ‘Betlom'

A mean guitar shred to feed your soul.

Ahmed Khalaf

Branding Autostrad under just rock or indie wouldn’t do them justice. The band is diverse by nature, offering a different style with every release. With previous drops ranging from funk, and typical alternative to mellow indie and soft rock, this release sees them opt for a heavier style of rock: ‘Betloom.’ In true rock nature, the track is introspective, condemning internalization and self-blame.

The song begins straightforwardly, in the second-person narrative: “You always blame yourself from the start of the day,” immediately setting the tone. Self-loathing and internalization might be a person’s worst enemy, with the potential endless guilt and in some cases “imposter syndrome” that might occur as a result.

Autostrad takes this release as an opportunity to express that, in spite of all the self-blame we may face, and the lows we experience – there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Fierce lyrics are accompanied by a fierce guitar riff, which is arguably the main attraction of the track aside from the lyrics. A heavily-distorted guitar riff intro makes a varied re-appearance mid-track, where an explosive solo rips through the song, invoking eerie emotion.

This is just one color from an array of different styles that Autostrad adopt, and the eclecticism up their sleeves is evident with each track these Jordanian giants release.