Sunday December 10th, 2023
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IntoMyMind Releases 'Shoghla Ferksh' off 'Trip 2' Ft. Uzu & Big Moe

Following their compilation album ‘The Trip’ which featured the likes of Afroto and Batistuta, Ahmed G wastes no time in releasing the first single of their upcoming album ‘Trip 2’ with Uzu & Big Moe.

Ahmed Khalaf

IntoMyMind is a special type of record label, as they do not have rappers in their roster, rather a group of highly-talented producers alongside founder, mastermind audio-engineer Ahmed G Ibrahim. Nevertheless, IntoMyMind has a fond relationship with some of the scene’s pivotal rappers with the likes of Afroto, DizzyTooSkinny, Batistuta, Uzu, and much more.

Following their compilation album ‘The Trip’, which featured many over the previously aforementioned rappers, Ahmed G wastes no time in releasing the first single of their upcoming album ‘Trip 2’ with ‘Shoghla Ferkesh’, featuring burgeoning rapper Uzu and produced by the multi-faceted producer, Big Moe.

‘Shoghla Ferkesh’ is accompanied by a gameboy-like visual work, which brilliantly came to life courtesy of visual artists Fadi and Marwan Dawoud, sees Uzu burning all the enemies and monsters that come in his way. Midway through the single, Uzu goes into ‘annihilation mode’ as he levitates and releases an enormous laser-beam which burns everything in its path.

Big Moe offers an unhurried instrumental, keeping the focus on the thumping drums while making the use of abstract, heavily-reverberated sounds and FX to accompany the sinister organ for the melodics of this single. Uzu is unbothered, untamed, and completely out of control as the visual might suggest, but it’s in the lyrics that we hear Uzu going all out. He mentions “on the stand everyone’s down, and I’m the last man standing” flaunting his resilience, followed by “I prepare and end legends”, showing no sign of remorse as he destroys the final boss in the last act of this highly-entertaining visualizer.