Sunday September 24th, 2023
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He Shoots, He Scores: Afroto is at His Scathing Best in ‘Tege Goal’

Coming off a big 2021, the Egyptian rapper is relentless in his first outing of 2022.

Scene Noise

From having thousands eating out of the palm of his hands on stage at the biggest rap concerts of the year, to starring in a nationwide ad campaign for Talabat, 2021 was the year that Egyptian rapper, Afroto, broke through the proverbial glass ceiling, as he edges towards the scene’s elite.

And while he has made headway into stardom, he hasn’t stopped his old habits. A spitfire lyricist that can have anyone who crosses him at their knees, his latest release, ‘Tege Goal’, sees him at his most lethal, with a particular ‘Mexican’ crew targetted.There’s an argument to be made that Afroto’s biggest hits have come from that popular cross-section of shaabi and rap, but rap purists will know that the Alexandria native’s best work has landed in the trap/hip-hop sounds, with this track proving exactly that. He’s clever, he’s witty and he loves a good joke, the video reflecting that latter, showing him in various scenarios, ranging from an unwilling butcher to a speaking (rapping?) painting. 

He hasn’t held back for what is his first outing of the year and it’s set the tone for what will surely be an even bigger year for a rapper that hasn’t quite got his due.