Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Ferkesh: Jaily Ali Mahdi Montiyago - Klashat

The sudanese video director delves into the making of the latest video for Montiyago ‘Klashat’.

Scene Noise

Ferkesh: Jaily Ali Mahdi  Montiyago - Klashat

In the latest episode of SceneNoise’s Ferkesh Sudanese director Jaily Ali Mahdi as he delves into the creation of his latest video for Montiyago's song "Klashat”.

The "Klashat" video takes an unconventional approach, utilizing unique shots and frames within a striking 2D aesthetic. Throughout the video, Montiyago is depicted walking, visually representing his experience of being trapped in Sudan during wartime. We only see him below the torso, a creative solution for the director who couldn’t have the artist on set. Mahdi discusses his creative vision behind this choice and how it reflects Montiyago's situation.

We also hear about the filming experience in Cairo and the challenges of finding locations that naturally resembled Sudan.

Ferkesh is SceneNoise’s series that focuses on the exceptional work of directors within the MENA music industry. As music videos have become such a crucial part of an artists’ success, we want to spotlight the people who have been part of creating iconic content seen by millions of fans.