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Emsallam Talks Hopes, Struggles and Fears in New EP ‘Therapy’

The Jordanian-Palestinian rapper delivers a personal EP representing his journey before, during and after therapy.

Fears, struggles and hopes are at the heart of Emsalla’s new EP, Therapy, a reflective and introspective new release from the Moscow-based Jordanian-Palestinian rapper. As an aducivisual artist and painter, Emsallam brings a well of expression and emotion into his latest musical project, which was co-produced by longtime collaborator, TheArchiducer.

As per its title, the EP sees Emsallam recall his own experiences with therapy, before, throughout and after. Lyrically, the four-track album is relatable, even catchy, and the highlights come in his references to his Arab heritage, most notably on ‘Shai’. The production is just as on-point, with Levantine influences creeping in on tracks like ‘Tawafan’ and the title track, ‘Therapy’.

Like all deeply personal work, however, there’s an air of mystery, a vagueness that only Emsallam understands himself. It by no means damages the story the rapper tells, but don’t expect to understand everything he says.