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Elyanna Gives Samira Saeed & Cheb Mami's Youm Wara Youm Modern Rework

The Palestinian-Chilean artist goes from seductive to melancholic in contemporary remake of one of the Arab world's most famous collaborations.

Hailing it as a song from her childhood that has remained close to her heart, Palestinian-Chilean singer, Elyanaa, has released a cover of Arab modern classic, 'Youm Wara Youm', by Samira Saeed and Cheb Mami. Floating along on a simple, melancholic piano chord, Elyanaa's vocals provide an etherality to the song. It's the skittish R&B beat that comes in on occasion, however, that really heightens the drama of a cover that is every bit as emotional as the original.

This is not the first time that Elyanna has taken on the work of the giants of the region, having covered work by Abdelhalim Hafez, Dalidah and even Nancy Ajram.