Sunday September 24th, 2023
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El Far3i Releases Emotional Acoustic Rap Album ‘Nas Min Khashab’

The guitarist, drummer, rapper, singer, and songwriter releases a journey of 11 tracks – with just a guitar.

Ahmed Khalaf

Beginning his journey as a drummer in the Jordanian scene, multi-instrumentalist and rapper El Far3i has established himself as one of the leading figures of Middle Eastern hip hop, constantly showing up with a captivating voice and intense lyrics that always seem to send a political or humanitarian message.
For his last album ‘Lazim Tisa’, the Palestinian-Jordanian artist opted for a boomy, trap-inspired project that is guaranteed to keep your head bopping throughout. But in his latest album ‘Nas Min Khashab’, El Far3i combines his alternative/rock roots with his modern hip hop direction to come up with a heartfelt acoustic rap project that meshes emotion and a sense of eeriness into one.

This album is his 6th studio album, and the finale of his acoustic trilogy of three albums, following ‘Soat Min Khashab’ and ‘El Rajol El Khashabi’. This is 10 years of El Far3i rapping over guitar with a raw-to-minimal production style.

The album takes its listener on a chilling journey, fluctuating between El Far3i’s despairing lyricism, with the likes of ‘Madinet El Malahi’, shifting into an uplifting and more lively direction with tracks like ‘El Qalb El Tani’, which boasts a dynamic bounce from his guitar. El Far3i touches upon the struggles of MENA countries as well as the challenges that come from living in the diaspora. El Far3i also encourages the idea of listening to albums from start to finish, so the listener would actually get the messages and direction of the album close to the way it was intended.

Undoubtedly, El Far3i is one of the strongest voices in modern Middle Eastern music, vocally and lyrically, never failing to impress his followers with the subject matter, sonics, and dulcet delivery.