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Egyptian Rapper Aly Loka Showcases Versatile Flow in ‘Khamsa Nezam’

With tens of releases under his belt over the last year, Aly Loka shows the kind of versatility that has seen him collaborate with so many different artists - but in one track.

In a chaotic and noisy Egyptian rap scene, it can be oh so hard for emerging rappers to get a word in. We’d like to think that quality rises above the noise, but it isn’t always the case - in fact, more often than not, it’s the loudest that gets heard and the loudest isn’t always the best.

One rapper that has, by and large, been going about his business quietly is Aly Loka. Over the last year, the artist has released an insane amount of music, forming a catalogue that showcases a unique versatility. We’ve seen him effortlessly ride trap beats and shaabi tracks effortlessly and his latest release, he showcases all of that versatility in one track.

Produced by Fiftyano, 'Khamsa Nezam' is a trap-shaabi track through-and-through, but it allows Aly Loka to change things up with his flow throughout, be it a bluntly-rhymed hip-hop delivery, or the kind of rap-singing that defines the trap-shaabi genre.

And so while, many will point to the likes of Wezza Montaser collabs, ‘Fawa2laha’ and ‘Shut Up’, as the highlights of Aly Loka’s library, he consistently shows that he can more than stand up on his own and it’s his versatility that has allowed him to collaborate with so many other artists too.