Monday May 29th, 2023
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Egyptian Artist Lamona Elceo Shows MENA Rap Scene as Market Products

The young artist takes us to a futuristic supermarket where food items are branded as your favourite regional rappers.

Zaid Kreshan

Making waves in global and regional art communities, digital branding has been piquing the curiosity of creatives around the world, as artists look to alternative outlets to promote their music.

Regional industry players such as Palestinian record label BLTNM have already taken the lead on exploring this venture, with the release of their NFT pack.

Expanding on this concept, Egyptian visual artist Lamona Elceo has since gone on to reimagine a supermarket in which food products and consumables are presented as 3-D animated representations of some of the region's biggest rappers such as Abyusif, Marwan Pablo, Maadi Town Mafia, and the Mexico crew. The young visual artist comments: "as the music scene continues to develop, us visual creators need to keep getting coming out with original ideas as well."

The animations are supplemented by music created by Hazem Haress, who is Elceo's partner in this project. These designs, while a bit dystopian, hint at the possibility of artists going on to invest in digital merchandise and emerging technologies that have yet to be fully incorporated into the music scene. 

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