Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Egypt's Top Rappers Played by Kids in New L5VAV Video 'Amor'

From the Marwans to El Mexic, all of your favoruite rap names make appearances - but they're not quite as you think...

Scene Noise

We've seen all kinds of complex and high-concept videos coming out of the region's independent music scene, but sometimes, all you need is to get some spirited kids and dress them up as famous adults - which is exactly the M.O. for the latest video from Egyptian rapper and producer, L5VAV.

Featuring Zago, 'Amor' is a soft, skipping, catchy hip-hop song that is prime for TV commercial adaptation. It's the video that steals the show, though - it's the video, conceived and directed by Tamer Awad, that everyone's talking about. As mentioned, Egypt's top rappers make appearances as mini-me versions, including Marwn Pablo, Wegz, Abyusif and the El Mexic gang, Shahyn, Batsituta, Afroto, Marwan Moussa. Now, granted some are better than others (is that really meant to be Lege-Cy with the curly hair?) it's a brilliant and hilarious video at the end of a huge year of Egyptian rap - but one that also reminded us that maybe the Egyptian rap scene takes its self too seriously at times.