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Egypt's Soof Presents Title Track Of Upcoming Album 'Dreams in Kufi'

The rapper is making a comeback as a solo act after having released numerous singles, released his multi-genre EP ‘Wings’ and is now prepping the release of his debut album ‘Dreams in Kufi’.

Egyptian-American LA-based multidisciplinary artist Seif Hamid, known by his stage name Soof, released the title track of his upcoming album ‘Dreams in Kufi’. Formerly known as co-creator of the hip-hop group ‘The Desert Crew’, Soof’s career emerged in the early 00s and 10s though he was mainly writing and producing for other artists.

The rapper is now making a comeback as a solo act, after having released numerous tracks, including rap icon Jay-Z’s remix album ‘Jai Hov’, and his instrumental project Vibrations in 2020. Soof then released his multi-genre EP ‘Wings’ and is now prepping the release of his debut album ‘Dreams in Kufi’.

His latest single preaches embracing your heritage, “Dreams in Kufi is about honoring and being proud of your roots, as well as resetting your compass based on where you’ve started. keeping our ancestors’ energy in our hearts tends to accentuate your purpose in life as well as alleviating your sense of direction in life” Seif Hamid tells SceneNoise.

The banging track meshes together both modern and old-school hip hop, to ensure it stands out in today’s sonic scape. Soof calls his niche ‘Desert Boom Bap’, due to the incorporation of electric Oud that is recurring in the melody along with choppy hand percussion that elevates the rhythm, and aids in defining his sound.

Additionally, the rapper has released a music video for his lead single, directed by Mousa Kraish. Touching on themes of acknowledging and embracing your origins and ethnic roots, with vintage shots from across the MENA region and old scenes from Soof’s family vault in Cairo. The video was shot in LA by Director of Photography Timur Civan.

Dreams in Kufi is the lead single off Soof’s forthcoming debut and highlights his reemergence after a long break from the scene. The artist is set to roll out his album by releasing a single  each month over the summer, leading up to the drop of his album this fall.