Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Dizzy, Batistuta & Afroto Light-Up Big Moe Beat in ‘Kalem El Matafy’

It's musical arson in the ranks of label IntoMyMind, as three men who know each other all too well team up to ride a Big Moe hip-hop beat.

Scene Noise

Alexandria stalwarts, Afroto and Batistuta, have teamed up with a rapper that considers both of them to be mentors, DizzyTooSkinny, for a track that takes all three away from their usual trap stylings, courtesy of producer Big Moe.

‘Kalem El Matafy’ is the latest track from the Ahmed G. Ibrahim-led label and collective, IntoMyMind, whose stock continues to rise as one of the Egyptian rap scene’s most prolific sources of music. Having released his debut album, 2021 was a big year for up-and-comer Dizzy, while Afroto’s year has seen him break through the proverbial glass ceiling and into the mainstream arena. All three rappers did their part in what was a summer of rap gigs in Egypt, appearing on stage to the delight of thousands.

It’s fitting then that they would enter the 2022 together and Big Moe, usually based in Dubai, provides a refreshing hip-hop bea, which all three ride effortlessly.