Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Dirty Backseat’s ‘Spliff’ Gets a Colourful, Abstract Video

Hot on the heels of releasing a rare Arabic-language song, the one man band that is Moe Hani teams up with Mohammed N. Soliman for a unique new video.

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Dirty Backseat’s ‘Spliff’ Gets a Colourful, Abstract Video

The Cairene lo-fi alt-rocker and SLOVVDK Label co-founder Moe Hani, aka Dirty Backseat, has been gifting listeners with a barrage of releases including the indie and surf rock EP, Pop Heart Aching Songs, as well as two tracks from his upcoming EP, Bee-Sides.

Even though he’s working on a new release, he hasn't exactly let go of the old, returning back again with a new music video for ‘Spliff’, from the Pop Heart Aching Songs.Produced by Arts at the Old Fire Station in collaboration with videomaker Mohammed N. Soliman,the video shows a keen eye for detail, featuring Picasso-inspired sculptures and trippy paint-swatches that kindly complement the laidback track.

The video seems to tell a cryptic story of its own, but we’ll leave you to reach your own interpreted conclusions.