Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Dirty Backseat Quiet Quits in Latest Video for ‘Raye7 Fein’

Dirty Backseat releases a new video for ‘Raye7 Fein’ that portrays a struggle between the corporate world and music.

Scene Noise

Egyptian indie rock band Dirty Backseat has released a new music video for their latest single, ‘Raye7 Fein’, which expresses leading man Moe Hani’s struggle between the corporate world and the music industry.

Directed by Mazen Bayoumy, the video contrasts clips of Moe ‘quietly quitting’ an office job with high energy clips of him and the Dirty Backseat live band performing. Or as high energy as a bunch of men in ties can get in what looks like an abandoned office building anyway.

The track, written by Moe Hani, combines his distinctive synth pop sounds with funk and post-punk elements including a complimentary steady drum track. The catchy chorus “Raye fein, ana ana raye7 fein?” taps into Moe’s inner conflict about pursuing music full-time, asking that ever so anxiety-inducing question: “Where, where am I going?” Dang. We’ll let you know if we ever figure it out for ourselves, Hani.