Monday May 29th, 2023
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Comedy Guru Safi Gets Nifty In 'Omsan Meshagara' Produced by L5VAV

The humorous character shows his musical side in a light-hearted music video.

Ahmed Khalaf

Safi is a man of multifaceted talents; you know him from the hit show ‘Romanceya Manseya’ among many others from comedy mini-talk show platform, Peace Cake. While his humor speaks of high volumes, Safi can also sing, produce, and play guitar. His latest endeavors sees him releasing a parody summer single called ‘Omsan Meshagara’ which translates to flower shirts, produced by Alexandrian artist L5VAV.

Apparently, Safi is a brilliant rapper as well, finding a catchy hook with perfect delivery to match. L5VAV offers an afro-beat inspired tune which immaculately goes hand-in-hand with Safi’s intended tropical direction. Safi, along with Peace Cake mates Yaya and Hazem Ragab, shot the music video in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, mainly in the Corniche of the city (beach area).