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Cairo Duo Wolf Fang Midi Dive Further into 80s Synthwave in New Track

Two weeks after their debut video, the unlikely pairing of J!N and Shunus take another 8-bit-inspired voyage.

A mere two weeks after officially landing, the intangible Egypt-based duo that is J!N and Shunus, aka Wolf Fang Midi, have released their second single and video.

Following the soaring, energetic and all-round fun ‘Jupiter Skyline’, the twosome’s latest release, ‘Pull the Trigger to Redial’, sees them dive further into synthwave/synthpop with a sound  plucked right out of the 80s.While the previous single could very fairly be described as upbeat and, dare we say it, groovy, this new track glides and soars along a kind of ethereality, thanks in part to J!N’s vocals. The video keeps things simple and, like the previous one, takes places to the green-screen backdrop, but with computer/TV glitches, in-between what could be a Tokyo night sky as per a side-scrolling arcade game - which Shunus seems to be playing.

The most significant thing to come out of all of this is that it brings us closer to a Wolf Fang Midi album - stay tuned.