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Boston-Based Neemz is Ready for the Grind in Latest Track ‘Plan A’

A new voice in the diaspora is emerging and for rapper, Neemz, there is no plan B...

As more and more artists emerge from diaspora across the world, a new generation of musicians and artists are redefining what it means to be an Arab or Muslim in the west. The rise of the ‘third culture kid’ is being turned from a position of abandon, of not belonging, into an opportunity to take control of the region’s representation and add yet more complexity to the modern Arab/Muslim experience. Or maybe we’re just reading too much into it.

For Boston-based artist, Neemz, Arab/Muslim heritage is something she wears on her sleeve and though her music might not explicitly address these weighty issues, her very existence as a female Muslim artist and rapper in the US places her in a unique position.

When you wade deeper beyond these sociopolitical layers, you find an accomplished and confident rapper, whose latest single, ‘Plan A’, presents her as an unapologetically ambitious and gregarious rapper who has no issue in taking life by the horns.Released at the end of March, producer WnnaCry provides an uncomplicated R&B beat for Neemz to talk about the hustle and the grind, a fitting window for newcomers to dig deeper into a unique artist we can’t wait to hear more from.