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Best Rap Releases of the Week 50

Keeping you up to date with hip hop in the region - here are our favourite rap releases of the week.

From a monstrous collaboration bringing together two of the biggest stars from Tunisia and Morocco with A.L.A and Tagne, to Saudi’s Ntitled one-shot EP, we bring you this week’s hottest rap releases of the MENA region.

A.L.A ft Tagne - Sharapova

Samara - Prada

Slyver - Oly Egaba

Perrie - El Sa3a Tes3a

Freek x The Synaptik - Floos

Ntitled ft Grzzlee, Wessam, & Kali-B - 9addgni EP 

Marwan Moussa - Bako Mogana7

AKA Keyz - 2.0

Salameh ft Emsallam - Malayeen

Yousef Shb7 - Moog