Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Best Rap Releases of the Week 35

To help you keep up with all the new rap music released by artists in the MENA and diaspora, we’ve compiled a list of the best releases of the past week.

Scene Noise

The rap scene in the Middle East and Arab locale and diaspora never sleeps, and neither do the SceneNoise whizzes who keep their ears peeled to any new sounds. Here’s our latest list of the best rap releases of the week. Enjoy.

Feluka x Synaptik - Nefsy

Khalz - Vormir

Meno Zein - Risk

Blvxb - Leil

E. Evil x RayzMusic - Allah Ghaleb

Azwed - Do2o El Shamasy

Beykat - LHT

The Synaptik - Yomma 2