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Best Rap Releases of the Week 27

To stay afloat with the new rap released by artists in the MENA locale and diaspora, feast yourself upon our list of the best releases of the past week.

Week in, week out, it seems like a new rapper emerges out of the blue, usually to amaze, though sometimes to fall short. But that’s cool, it’s all a part of growth and future improvements. Beyond the newcomers, big names continue blessing us with major releases flaunting their own development. Here are the best rap releases of the week to keep you well fed until next time. Enjoy.

ElGrande Toto - Haram (Pablo II)

Molotof x Yousef Joker - Space (Hadayek Al Qubba)

Meniawy x Issa&Assouad - Mood

Freek - MiaMia

Nubi x Jaadu - Hout El Ganoub

Lil Baba x Abyusif - Stop

Beshlawy x Seifo - Kolo Ye7aseb

Marwan Moussa x Afroto x Karim Enzo - Beluga

Haykal ft. Big Murk - Wenha

El Rass - Vodka W Cerelac