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Best Rap Releases of the Week 21

To help you keep up with all the new rap music released by artists in the MENA and diaspora, we’ve compiled a list of the best releases of the past week.

As rap continues it’s meteoric rise to the top of the MENA music charts, keeping up with the seemingly endless daily flow of new rap music is becoming quite a challenge. In order to keep you up-to-date with the latest releases from some of the MENA’s best rap talents, we’ve compiled this list of ten new and noteworthy musical projects released over the past week.

Lil Baba X Abyusif X Abo El Anwar X Ahmed Santa - K.O

Wegz X PUBG Mobile - Hattatack Battatack

A.L.A – Move

Batistut X Rashed – Domino

Madd – Bounce

Slow Moe - Meen Yetgara2 Yet7adany

TGV x Ali Ssamid - Lferda
Maged - Chelsea

Lil Baba X Abyusif X Abo EL Anwar – Ozbot Yaqout x Alfy – Mahle