Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Bahrain’s Disco Blue Funk It Out In Latest Single ‘A7ibich’

The Bahraini trio releases their second official track just three weeks following their debut.

Ahmed Khalaf

Newly formed Bahraini trio Disco Blue are a breath of fresh air, a weclome departure from all the hip hop, electronic, and rock-ish sounds that have come to be the norm for new artists. Their alternative take on funk and disco draws a plethora of styles together - fans of Daft Punk and Anderson .Paak will recognize these influences instantly, in particular. The band have recently released their second official single, ‘A7ibich’, a cinematic-inspired funk fiesta with a dash of psychedelia on the side.

The trio released their first single ‘Sun Cola’, a popular drink in the Gulf, less than a month ago, and their original take on funk received so much positive feedback, that quickly release a quirky music video for it. Disco Blue’s musical and aesthetic direction are shaping a distinct artistic personality in the local scene, and their big break beckons.

Their latest single ‘A7ibich’, which mean “I love you” in Bahraini Arabic, sees them dive deep into the world of groove and funk, laying on a smooth four-on-the-floor kick pattern, with mellifluous sound selection for the bass, synthesizer, and pads, opting for bright and soothing musical direction. The trio keep their linchpin on the sonics more than lyrics, an unusual take for bands but they exercise their differences to the core.