Thursday July 18th, 2024
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Artistbasm: 'i search for ways to emote, so i keep making songs'

Canadian-Egyptian producer Artistbasm delivers his debut album, exploring a range of emotions over a blend of lo-fi, pop and electronica.

Zaid Kreshan

Artistbasm: 'i search for ways to emote, so i keep making songs'

Canadian-Egyptian producer, singer and songwriter Artistbasm's debut album, aptly titled "i search for ways to emote, so i keep making songs," offers a glimpse into the artist's introspective world while exploring diverse themes and emotions. Through unconventional music production, Artistbasm blends various genres, creating a dreamy, lo-fi soundscape that complements his unique vocal style and heartfelt lyrics.

The album opens with the intriguing ‘old man sings 4 me’, featuring a spoken-word monologue against a backdrop of lo-fi jazz elements. This sets the stage for Artistbasm's world, a vibrant soundscape characterized by bubblegum pop melodies, lo-fi textures, and his distinctive vocals. Tracks like ‘complicated’ showcase his low-pitched vocals, often layered with effects and interspersed with catchy refrains, creating an immersive, dreamlike atmosphere.

Experimentation is at the heart of the album. In ‘idfk…’, Artistbasm's vocal delivery flirts with rapping, while ‘what if hell was eternity on earth’ takes a contrasting approach, utilizing haunting strings and minimal drums to create an eerie mood. The following track, ‘WTF?!’, features bouncy drums and glitchy vocal samples, culminating in a grander production finale to the track.

‘1$ painting’ the album's closing track, exemplifies Artistbasm's genre-blending approach. Featuring pop, indie, and IDM influences, the song showcases his drowned-in-effects vocals and intricate synth work. Throughout the album, Artistbasm melts his music influences of neo-soul and hip-hop inspirations with the pervasive lo-fi soundscape, resulting in a cohesive and unique sonic experience.