Monday 28 of November, 2022
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American Hits That Sampled Arab Classics

Producers dig deep enough to find Arabic tunes that hit the lottery for their ears, creating masterpieces by sampling masterpieces.

Ahmed Khalaf

For the longest time in hip hop history, what makes a producer better than others is the rare type of samples they flip in their beats. The rarer the sample, the more impressed rappers and listeners feel. Producers used to dig for hours at record stores just to find 2-3 eclectic and weird tracks to use in their upcoming production. Before DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation), sampling was the main go-to style in production. We come across these tracks for years, and to the untrained ears, the melodies would sound familiar but it might be hard to grasp where this sample is coming from. To help you out, we’ve uncovered some of the most known Western songs that sampled some of the most iconic Arabic tunes.

Don’t Know What To Tell Ya - Aaliyah 

My Prerogative - Britney Spears

Sampled From: Batwanis Beek - Warda

Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony 

Sampled from: C’est La Vie - Cheb Khaled (more clear sampling with this one)

Wicked - Future

Sampled From: Kanet Rohi - Rayan

Erotica - Madonna

Sampled From: El Yoom ‘Ulliqa ‘Alla Khashaba - Fairuz

1Train - A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf feat. Danny Brown, Action Bronson, and Big K.R.I.T.

Sampled From: Nasry Mshet Senin - Asalah

Big Pimpin’ - Jay Z ft. UKG

Take It to the Floor - B2K 

Sampled From: Khosara - Abdelhalim Hafez

More Than a Woman - Aaliyah (2001)

Sampled From: Alouli Ansa - Mayada El-Hennawy

Make Me Better - Fabolous ft Ne-Yo

Sampled From: Al Saaban Aleih - Sherine 

Raise Up - Petey Pablo

Sampled From: Inta Omri - Umm Kulthum

Dare I Care - Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

Sampled From: Maa Yisah Ella ElSahih - Ahlam

Nas - Dance

Sampled From: Aicha - Cheb Khaled