Monday May 29th, 2023
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Alexandrian Producer Fady El-Tellawy Releases New Track ‘Nirvana’

One of Egypt’s stars production/DJ stars-in-the-making comes through with another hard-hitting tune.

Ahmed Khalaf

A hidden gem that hails from Alexandria, DJ/producer Fady El-Tellawy is an unknown mastermind in his craft, constantly showing up with intense releases and ravey mixes. While most of the Egyptian producers either dabble between house and its sub-genres, or the experimental side of electronic music; Fady goes in a trance/techno direction, a niche market within the Egyptian scene.
A little known fact about El-Tellawy: iconic Russian DJ, Nina Kraviz, played one of his tracks two years ago during one of her famous sets. It’s no surprise the talented DJ super star gravitated to his music. Going through his catalogue of releases, one would be pleasantly surprised by his range, offering productions in house, techno, trance, and a fusion of all three.

Being a fan of ‘loopy music’, El-Tellawy takes the same approach in his latest ‘Nirvana’ release. The track kicks off with an arpeggiated synth of a resonant tone before burgeoning into a pith of rave sonics. Making the use of heavy kicks and a rugged bass, the track’s energy keeps increasing with breaks in between sections. Overall, the track repeats it’s section but with a different arrangement – the exact kind of appealing mix-up El-Tellawy specializes in.

Listen to the full track below.