Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Album Spotlight: Xander Ghost - ‘Fayadan’

SceneNoise sits down with Egyptian artist Xander Ghost to talk about his go-with-the-flow approach to making hit rap songs.

Zaid Kreshan

Album Spotlight: Xander Ghost - ‘Fayadan’

In this interview, SceneNoise sits down with Xander Ghost, the enigmatic rapper that has been turning heads in the regional music scene, to talk about his latest EP ‘Fayadan’. Ghost tells us all about the process behind the EP, and how he was inspired to craft the unorthodox sounds heard throughout the release.

By taking a story-telling approach to his lyricism, and by using unconventional sounds and production techniques, Ghost’s intention behind the EP was to create something that was unbound to trends or current events, and to thread his own narrative around his personal experiences.

The rapper/director/producer’s ten year long journey with music has led him to develop a unique blend of electronic music, pop, and rap music that maintains accessibility and catchiness, with a dash of glitch and experimental undertones.

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