Monday July 15th, 2024
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Album Spotlight: Logical Da9ud - El Tab3 Ghallab

Logical Da9ud talks to SceneNoise about his latest album ‘El Tab3 Ghallab’, which saw the rapper delving deeper into the experimental landscape of hip-hop.

Scene Noise

Album Spotlight: Logical Da9ud - El Tab3 Ghallab

Emerging from the city of Ismailia to the chaotic streets of Cairo, Logical Da9ud—rapper, singer, poet, and philosopher—charts an unconventional path in hip-hop. Eschewing formulaic structures and commercial allure, Da9ud embodies a stoic approach to life that permeates his lyrics and music. His mission is to experience life in its rawest form, absorbing and processing experiences with profound introspection.

In an exclusive interview with SceneNoise, Logical Da9ud discusses his latest album, El Tab3 Ghallab. Collaborating exclusively with Wagdy Yachter, Da9ud dives deeper into the experimental realms of hip-hop. The album's slow, down-tempo aesthetics draw from jazz, lo-fi, and boom bap, creating a soundscape over which Da9ud's intricate bars flow seamlessly. Released solely on SoundCloud, El Tab3 Ghallab underscores Da9ud's commitment to creative freedom, distancing himself from mainstream influences. During the conversation, Da9ud elaborates on the creative process behind the record, his serendipitous meeting with Wagdy Yachter and Sabine Salam, and his overarching artistic ambitions. This latest project marks a significant chapter in Logical Da9ud's ongoing quest to redefine hip-hop in his own terms.