Friday June 14th, 2024
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Afroto collabs with Wezza Montaser & Marwan Moussa in new Las3een

Afroto ends a two-month break with an immediate Shaabi banger that delivers the usual punch, featuring star producers.

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Afroto collabs with Wezza Montaser & Marwan Moussa in new Las3een

A staple of the rap scene in Egypt, Afroto has been in the game since 2016, having started as a beatboxer even further back in 2013. His name is known far and wide across the region and the music he drops never fails to reach its audience. His releases are varied too. While his trademark, street-conscious delivery is aggressive, with his distinctive Alexandrian accent, Afroto’s recently released ‘7ALA’ was ethereal and emotional. Following it was ‘BAHZ’, which came with heavy beats, and a litany of cult-ish ad-libs.

‘Las3een’ is the title of Afroto’s latest release. Based on an old school Shaabi beat that’s pounding and massive. The bars feature Afroto’s usual punchy delivery, and the Alexandrian accent, adorned by distinctive auto tune, gives the song that particular Mahraganat vibe that well fits the narrative. Featuring Wezza Montaser and superstar Marwan Moussa on production, further solidifying the pair's already flourishing partnership.

Featuring the help of some friends, Afroto highlights one more color that he seems to have in his pocket. Las3een is a track that can effortlessly go viral, and be everywhere. It’s almost got it all.

Listen to the full track below: