Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Adam Nabeel Releases Intimate First Single Of the Year In ‘Ma Chérie’

Adam Nabeel's latest single 'Ma Chérie' is a sweet profession of love on a spicy afro-fusion self-produced beat.

Ahmed Khalaf

LA-based Omani artist Adam Nabeel follows up his heartfelt single ‘Mana’ with another intimate track in ‘Ma Chérie’. The artist likes to keep his releases personal and genuine, constantly showing up with raw lyrics and a mellifluous vocal direction that matches the lyrical content.

The French phrase ‘ma chérie’ translates to the female ‘my dear’, a woman one prizes and treasures. In this track exuding both Latin and French vibes simultaneously, Nabeel croons a love ballad to his muse. With lyrics like, ‘your love has got all my attention on ya’, he shares his vulnerable side. His sultry vocals goes hand-in-hand with the instrumental in use, which was also produced by him, opting for an afro-fusion latin beat accompanied by a dulcet guitar melody and simple bassline, keeping to focus entirely on the vocals and lyrics.