Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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5 Podcasts Giving You the Lowdown on Music in MENA

Need to keep tabs on what topics are cool and trending in MENA from music to pop culture? These 5 MENA podcasts are where it’s at.

Nadine El Roubi

It’s happening. The birth of the internet, social media, and an increasing enmeshment of global and local culture have combined to create one thing: a renaissance of MENA-centric pop culture. What might be even doper than seeing the rise of local takes on streetwear, memes, and music, is seeing local culture-connoisseurs record the growing local scene for the coming generations.

Whether in print, video, or audio form, there’s an increasing number of culture-writers and curators coming up on the scene. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites who are doing it big in the podcast world.

Pass the Kabsa

Saudi-based Pass The Kabsa is a creative studio hosting chats with some very cool guests on all things media, entertainment, and culture in the region. They’ve proven to be impressively consistent, with a new episode published every week. With over 100 episodes, it’s daunting to figure out where to start – but we suggest their episode featuring Swizz Beats. Yes, you read that correctly.

The Flamingos Podcast

Created by UAE culture enthusiasts YAD, Kanzi, and Awab’s Flamingos Podcast came to life March 9th 2020. These three friends had a vision: to make an entertainment outlet that would reflect their individual interests and passions in the scene. Updated with new episodes weekly, this is the go-to podcast for anyone interested in keeping up with local & international updates on music and more.

Buckle-Up with Big Hass

Hosted by Big Hass, Buckle Up is a podcast/YouTube series of interviews with regional musicians, creatives, and entertainers. Based in Dubai, the show takes guests on a cruise across the city as they cover various topics related to the local scene in depth. If you need something to watch while you’re eating or something to play in the background as you work, Big Hass’ Buckle Up is fun, light, and insightful entertainment. Enjoy.

Dom Tak

Dom Tak, which translates to “oriental rhythm”, is an all-Arabic podcast discussing all things music in MENA. Focused on storytelling, they take listeners through a deep-dive of various genres of Arabic music, the history and origin of traditional arab sounds, and the work of various arab artists. The first season was released almost three years ago and has been consistent ever since, with five seasons published to date. Happy binging!


Created by Iraqi artist Narcy, “The IRAQAFELLA Show!” is a plethora of free-game on the music industry, particularly how to navigate it as an Arab artist. The show has featured guests like Talib Kweli, Hasan Minhaj, and RnB duo Majid Jordan. Narcy touches upon a wide variety of topics with vulnerable insight, creating a safe space for his guests to share personal anecdotes and their opinions on the entertainment industry today as we know it.