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Stunning Spots around Egypt to Catch the Supermoon

We've compiled a list of the best spots to watch the Supermoon all across Egypt.

supermoon egypt

Any stargazer can tell you that nothing dampens the night sky quite like city lights. And if you've heard of the upcoming supermoon, widely known as one of the most gorgeous cosmic sights you could see with your bare eyes, you know you'll want to make the most of this rare occasion. We got you. We’ve put together a list of the most beautiful places with the clearest skies that would make the perfect spots to watch this lunar event

White Desert


Located in Farafra, the White Desert boasts amazing rock formations shaped like mushrooms and other abstract shapes; we can just imagine how they'd light up with the supermoon as its backdrop

Fayoum Desert


One of the oldest cities in Egypt, Fayoum hosts an amazing desert away from the chaos of the big city, providing a perfect spot for watching the supermoon

St. Catherine 

It might be a tiring feat to climb Mount St. Catherine in all its glory, but everyone who’s done it will tell you the view is so worth it. And with the supermoon to light the sky, the apex can only be that much sweeter



Whether you’re looking to get in tune with your boho soul, or you just appreciate a serene retreat, Nuweiba’s ecolodges comprised of bamboo huts are an incredible setting to bask in the beauty of the night’s sky

Marsa Allam

Sometimes referred to as Egypt’s very own Maldives on account of its crystal clear waters, Marsa Allam’s serene beaches lets you sway beneath the glow of the supermoon.













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